Sunday, October 13, 2013

Foursome at Seoul Garden

Chingu in Korean language means a friend, and eversince I got hooked in everything Korean, I met a few really, really nice people whom I keep and treasure as friends, my very own chingus (plural of the word chingu, english grammar applied, hahaha).  We came from different parts of the world, hmm, actually, only one of us is residing in the US, the rest (five, last I count, hence the abovementioned word  few, hurhur) are living here in the Philippines, albeit, a bit away from each other.  But as we live different lives (but bonded by our love of Joongbo, hur), we seldom see each other, and on those times that we do, we binge on food and coffee and talk non-stop about our melodramatic and hilarious life stories and of course, Korean showbiz tidbits *grins*.

And this is one of those moments when our schedules met and collide, in a good way, hehe.  We decided on trying Seoul Garden, a Korean resto in SM North EDSA, they offer eat-all-you-can for a little less  than Php600, we didn't avail of such as we felt like we won't get our money's worth at that time, we all came from work and not that hungry.  We, instead, ordered ala carte items in their menu, which the staff would ask on your way in, if you opted for ala carte, they would cover the stove in the middle of your table.  Even their ala carte items are ordered in set as it comes with unlimited drinks and a serving of dessert; they have yogurt, ice cream, brownies and fruit slices as dessert choices and they have iced coffee, milk tea, plain and red iced tea, mango, orange and pineapple juice, and various flavors of soda where you can pick your beverage of choice.

the menu (front)

the menu (back)

their logo

I ordered the Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap Set while Lloydie opted for the Seafood Bulgogi Bibimbap Set, Papercrane had the Beef Bulgogi Myon Set and her cousin had the Cajun Chicken Chop, we also had two orders of Japchae and a lot of coffee, tea and juices to drink, hehe.

set utensils at our table

first batch of unlimited drinks

Beef Bulgogi Myon Set

Seafood Bulgogi Bibimbap Set

Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap Set

Cajun Chicken Chop 


2 orders of Japchae

my Japchae moment and third beverage choice

Watermelon slices


a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream
Good food, great friends, the good life!

the foursome


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  1. awww, i love it when friends get together and enjoy each other's company ... over good food (and drinks)! :)

    thank you so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, sis


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