Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sampling Chic-Boy

Chic-Boy is one of those fast-rising casual fast food chain in the country, which mainly offers chicken and pork, hence the name Chic (from chicken) and Boy (from baboy or pork).  They first served the public in 2010 and they instantly caught the hearts of many Pinoys as they offer unlimited rice to patrons, and we all know that rice is more than just our staple food, it is a way of life, hahaha!

Photo below is one of their Lechon offerings - Cebu Lechon Liempo priced at Php250.  

I don't really have good things to say so I'll just shut up but my husband said that it could have tasted better if we ate it at the establishment when it was still hot and maybe crunchy.  So, I'll hold my tongue until I've done so *smiles*.

Lechon Cebu Liempo

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