Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pasalubong from Malaysia

I recently posted about my cousin's pasalubong from Palawan and some personal attacks on her person, hehe.  Well, I'm baaack, to blog about her other pasalubong sans the attack *grins*, this time it came from Malaysia.  Yes, dear friends, she spend a week visiting another country, while I'm still here, just here *pouts*.

Anyway, she brought home some Malaysian Cake and I was lucky to received one (see, I can be nice *tongue out*), according to the package, the product which you can see on the photos below is - 'This famous Malaysian Cake has been prepared with premium ingredients using traditional recipe and modern food technology developed by our founder, Tan Kim Hock.  A favorite among Malaysians, this sweet delicacy has a wonderful creamy and lingering taste.'

"It tasted like coco jam," its the simplest and most accurate description I can give.

Not a fan and didn't became one!

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