Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Puto Kamoteng Kahoy

One of the reasons I love being a Pinoy and living in Pinas - you can see great finds just roaming around the street and I mean it in great many ways.  Yes, even food!

Photo below is called Puto Kamoteng Kahoy in my side of town, its main ingredients is kamoteng kahoy (cassava) and it is cooked through steaming hence the name puto.  But contrary to the usual puto who comes as plain as they were made (pun for as plain as they were born, hur) or with toppings like cheese and salted eggs, this kind of puto has sugar and grated coconut as fillings and is usually smothered with margarine.

You should try it, it's superbly Pinoy and budget-friendly, it cost about Php6 - 10.

Puto Kamoteng Kahoy

coconut filling


  1. one of my FAVES!!!!
    one of our yayas used to cook this for us when i was young (and living in the province). nakakamiss!!!

    sana alam ko saan meron nito dito sa QC (at malapit lang sa bahay)...

    1. hello ms. maiylah, thanks for the featured food friday distinction, i feel like i won an award, hehe... i really appreciate it :)


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