Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fatboy's, Fatman's

Mother's Day was spent at home (too tired to dress up and go malling) eating pizza from Pizza Hut, then Father's Day was spent at home (got home sore and tired from a team building in Bulacan) eating... can you guess? Of course, pizza!

This time, its from Fatboy's Pizza Pasta, got a voucher from Metrodeal for Php500 which entitled me to two boxes of family-sized pizzas.  Hubby opted for Mushy Pepperoni and All Meaty Special, I think if you claimed your pizza using a voucher only a few choices are available to you. Discrimination, hurhur!

Fatboy's family pizza boxes

pizza and soda
Mushy Pepperoni

All Meaty Special

Father and son

Verdict:  Worthy of my hard-earned money, 500 is 500 *tongue out*!

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