Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's Not Mallows, It's Ghana

Got some loving from my dear cousin, she's currently staying in South Korea, getting rich, hurhur!  Though I envy her for earning all the dough, I envy her more for her current location, imagine living in the same country as Korean idols and Hallyu stars, I would die trading places, hahaha.  I would love to see Hwangbo Hye Jung, seriously, she's my ultimate girl crush.  Wanna know why? Go google her awesomeness *grins*.

And as usual, I digress, hahaha.  Ghana is one of the flagship products of Lotte in the world of sweets, it is hugely known for its various chocolates in the market.  That's it, I don't really know that much about Lotte or Ghana or the rest of what they offer as I don't read Hangul, but I want to *pouts*.

But I know one thing - these stuff (points to the pics below) are super-duper yummy!

Waiting for another set of alms from cuzzo dearo, hope she reads this and rush on sending me one *grins*.

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  1. LOL I'd loooooooooove to get some of these
    Scrumptious treats :)


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