Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 1 at Balsa sa Niugan

Birthday Celebration 101!  

The birthday was spent with friends, though some unfortunate events prevents us from seeing each other at the moment, I know that time will pass and we'll all see eye to eye again.

We decided on Balsa sa Niugan, as it was the last place we visited and dined at with Ms. Anne, we're a group of four, at least we're used to be before she left us, then we became three, the last I celebrated my birthday we were still a trio, now we're down to two, the only guy in our group sort of missed a step and stumbled out of our grasp, but he'll come back, I know he will *smiles*.

Anyways, it was Balsa sa Niugan for us and with all the discussion, debates, reminiscing, foolishness, laughter and memories, we ordered some of our favorite dish.

As you enter the premises, the waiting staff will ask you if you would like to eat the normal way, you know tables and chairs and waiters at your beck and call or if you prefer to stay in a floating balsa (bamboo raft), of course the waiters will be there to serve you, you just have to wait a bit of a time to catch their attention.

Photo above was the set plate at our table and my preferred drink - Mango Juice, Prof had some Iced Tea while R had a can of soda.

As we were all given a menu, each of us picked a dish to share, I opted for Sizzling Sisig, I'm not that familiar with their menu and no one can go wrong with our country's pambansang pulutan, right?  And it was a hit, we ravished every single bit.

Of course, there was Pancit Lomi, R's favorite dish, hurhur! I don't know why, he just always told us that we need to order something with broth, it will serve daw as our soup.  It was actually good, the serving was just too big for the three of us so we sort of wasted almost half of the palayok (clay pot) because we can't swallow any food of any kind anymore.

Prof's preferred dish, Tempura, which looked like tiny shrimps coated with batter and fried to death, hahaha.  But don't be fooled with how it looks, it was actually yummy!  We finished the whole plate, sans the cucumber and cheese-mayo dip.

I think, R asked us if we want an order of Lechon Kawali and we both agreed, syempre minsan lang naman kami magsama-sama, so we go for cholesterol overload, hahaha.  It was tasty and crunchy but a bit small for to-share serving, don't you think so?

And, syempre, for Prof and I, a boost of caffeine after a bout of gluttony is in order *grins*.  And Balsa sa Niugan has taken that need into consideration, I think, we're not the only two people in the world who cares for coffee after dinner *smirks*.

They have Kapihan sa Balsa sa Niugan, they actually have a separate coffee shop but you can order coffee or pastries and the serving / waiting staff will do their magic.  I had a Caramel Frappuccino, my usual perk me up drink and Prof had her usual Cafe Americano.

The coffee shop - Kapihan sa Balsa sa Niugan - menu and a glimpse of the function area or function balsa, as it fits, hurhur!

I wonder when will I see this place again and who I'll be with the next time...

Side notes:  Did you count the number of times I used the word actually and as usual, hahaha?



  1. Thank you for dropping by my blog and I am glad that you loved what i posted. You too have an amazing food blog and the way you narrate each and everything about the food u liked or tasted is awesome. Keep it going!

  2. Belated happy birthday! I was drooling over that sizzling sisig! Looks so yummy! :D

  3. Happy Birthday!
    It has been ages since I had sizzling sisig! looks like you all had a wonderful time!

    thank you so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, sis


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