Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hany Jr.

In the absence of the all-time favorite Choc-Nut (probably the best-known brand of chocolate the Philippines had ever came up with), Annie's produced their very own peanut milk chocolate - Hany.  After years of existence and domination in the market, price hike and packaging changes included, Annie's came up with Hany Jr., I bet to grab the 1-peso buying kid's hearts again *smiles*.

I saw it one time in the supermarket shelf, I picked one pack up and here it goes.  It tasted like Hany, syempre, though after years of not eating the brand, I find it dry and sort of rough on the taste buds, but don't mind me, my tongue tends to assume that we're rich sometimes, hehe.

Sabi nga ni Carlos Celdran (I saw him in Philip the Lifestyle Guy last weekend, hehe) buy Filipino!

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