Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Jin Ramen (Hot) Initiation

Have I ever mentioned my love of all things Korean? I think I did, but still let me tell you how it all begin... it started with a mild depression and the miracle cure - Korean drama.  From there it stemmed to Korean Variety Show, Korean Music, Korean Stars and Starlets, Korean Food, Korean Language, Korean Culture and South Korea per se, the only thing this author haven't acquired a taste for is Korean Politics *tongue out*.

Anyway, another cousin (sibling of the first cousin I've mentioned) came back from Korea and one of the loots I got is a pack of Ramyun.  I still don't read Hangul, so just like everyone else, all I can tell you is what I/you can read from the packaging, it's Jin Ramen and it's Hot!  

two out of five

This I can tell you, and I encouraged you to believe me - it is hot, super hot! Are you familiar with the instant noodles Jjampong, well, it is much, much spicier than that.  It was so hot, I had to pour another cup of hot water in it, hahaha.

E enjoying his ramyun 

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