Saturday, November 30, 2013

InfiniTEA Bonding

This is a late post, I do watch Honesto from time to time and his kind of honesty is kinda rubbing on me, so I decided on saying the truth, hehe.  Nakita ko lang ang mga pictures sa stock folder ko and voila, a blog post. This was taken the first time prof and I went and hanged out at InfiniTEA-Malabon.

We ordered their latest and on-season drinks at that time, the Chocolate Raspberry Frappe, she had the dark chocolate variety while I opted for the white chocolate and we both had black pearls as sinkers.  We talked about life - past lives, present lives and future lives, we did the same with love, we talked about her past, present and future love story, hahaha.

We've been to InfiniTEA a dozen more times and hopefully I can blog about them all, when I find the time and stamina and... the photos, hurhur!

Love-inspired Frappe

Chocolate Raspberry Frappe

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Frappe

White Chocolate Raspberry Frappe

time to take a sip

prof and I


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  1. so sweet! i mean, hanging out with a friend over tea. :)
    i haven't tried InfiniTEA yet. looks yum!

    thanks so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday!

    ps. nakakapanood lang ako ng Honesto sa tv pag Fridays...ano na balita? lol


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