Sunday, December 1, 2013

Magnolia Black & White Ice Cream

Flash Alert, Flash Alert!  Sorry, I forgot how flashy a picture would look with a flash, hahaha!

Magnolia Ice Cream is one of the pioneer ice cream maker / producers in the country, remember Magnolia Ice Cream House in Cubao, I think adults of my age had one or more fun memories of the aforementioned ice cream parlor when they were young.

I recently tried their Classic Medley ice creams (dubbed as such because of two mixed flavors in one tub) and may I say that it was worth every dime.  We tried their Black and White, a combination of Classic Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Swirl, a tub cost a little bit more that a hundred pesos.

Magnolia Ice Cream Medley - Black and White 

Next post will be about another flavor, watch out *grins*.

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