Sunday, November 17, 2013

Super Late Post: Clan Party

All great stories come to an end, I had been posting super late blog entries about last year's holiday season and this will be the last.

To end the series, photos of our family's (from my mom's side) annual Christmas party, wait, can I say annually when it only started a two years ago, hmmm....

As usual, with my fam, a potluck party.  And I'm gonna let you in on a secret, I'm already excited and planning this year's party, I wanna host, hope I can make it through planning and over-analyzing, hahaha.

Pancit Malabon Express' Seafood Rice

super big serving from Sharra and Mike

Menudo from Tito Arnel and Tita Anne

Inihaw na Isda from my Tatay

Pork Barbecue from Tito Arnel and Tita Loreta

Carbonara from yours truly

Macaroni Salad from Tita Belle

Fruit Salad from Aissa

"Simulan na yan," sabi ni Tatay, hehe :P

And now the countdown to my first Christmas party begins *grins*.

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