Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Super Late Post: PIO Christmas Party

Third in line, after this I have another one and I'm done *smiles*.

What we had, ate and shared with friends and colleagues when our office held it's annual xmas party, we had it the same time the Navotas City Government held it's yearly Christmas Party, so it's kinda populated with party crashers, hurhur!  Anyway, it was still fun.

Food photographed (mediocre-ly) below was catered / ordered at Kakam Berta's Bar and Restaurant, a hang-out place in C4 Road, Navotas City.

Fish Fillet

Fried Chicken

Sisig Wraps


Sweer & Sour Meatballs (courtesy of Kuya Errol's mom)

Late Lunch Party


Kinilaw na Tanigue 

Lumpiang Shanghai

Breaded Chicken

The last four pics served as pulutan after we ate lunch, hehe...

mga lasenggera *grins*
Looking forward to this year's party :)

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