Friday, December 6, 2013

After Work Dinner at Adobo Connection

This was taken during one of those days when one just felt suffocated and sooo stressed out at work that immediately going home wasn't an option because you know you'll just be a monster wife or monster mom to your family members.

I together with two officemates went to a nearby mall, walked around, hanged out and ate dinner.  We decided on Adobo Connection as we three haven't tried it yet, I ordered Lola's Classic Chicken Adobo (the blurry pic down there), while my officemates both had Fish and Tofu Meal, both meals comes with soup and unlimited serving of rice, which we didn't avail, not much of a rice-eater here *smiles*.  As we were to wait for our food to be prepared, I decided on having their Ube/Flan Turon to share and nibble on, it was too oily for my taste though so it remained untouch after a bite or two *pouts*, but their adobo was yum so I'll gladly come back and try the rest of  their menu if and when given the chance.

Ube/Flan Turon

Fish and Tofu Meal

Adobo Connects Us All (cute)

Lola's Classic Chicken Adobo, soup & soda

Rhesy and Elsa



  1. I never visit this place yet and I hope to try it soon.

  2. i heard that their adobo really tastes good.
    i agree about not bringing that stress at home. much better indeed to unwind first before touching home base. :)

    thanks for sharing and linking over Food Friday!


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