Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

The newest pizza craze in my workplace, it doesn't boast of anything extraordinary, actually, it's as ordinary as you can get, remember Pizza Stop way back then, when we were still satisfied with just a dough, catsup, cheese and ham bits, well, Aaliyah's Pizza is as simple and uncomplicated as that.  I think, its charm lies on its branches being near and it being super affordable.  Prices per box ranges from 59 to 79 pesos, depending on the variant / flavor that you'll order.

You can argue that other brands cost less, you know, the ones that street peddlers sells aboard their trikes, which I admit is true but then we are never sure of how clean or sanitary it was made / prepared, unlike with Aaliyah's, their minute branches are clean and you can see up close how your pizza is made.

Ham and Cheese

*** I am in no way associated with the brand, nor this is a sponsored post, just so you know *grins*.

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