Monday, December 9, 2013

Meet Bibingka and Bibingkinita

Christmas is just around the corner, as in there's no way, it'll be postponed, hurhur!  Aside from the shining, shimmering Christmas lights and lanterns that you can see hanging from each and every houses in your community and the feel of December air in your skin, you won't deny the fast-approaching season of gift-giving and no-to-diet-for the time being with the smell of delicious Pinoy delicacies wafting in the air, tickling your sense of smell and pumping up your cravings.

I passed by a bibingka (one of the staple Christmas street foods) stand as I made my way home last Saturday evening, work was draining and giving in to bibingka temptation was a luxury I decided to let myself indulge in.


They have two kinds - the bibingka and the bibingkinita, the first one is big in sized while the second, as its name connotes, is the miniature version.  The regular bibingka is made of galapong and is topped with salted egg as it cooked, when it's done and ready, it is then smothered in margarine and topped with grated cheese, a packed of grated coconut comes in the package.  The special one comes with butter cream, you have to pay an extra 35 pesos to taste it though.  The bibingkinita is plainly the same, just made smaller.  Prices are at 25 pesos (small), 60 pesos (regular), 95 pesos (special).


Personally, I like the bibingkinita better, it has all the ingredients a bibingka needs and it is sized just right for a regular person such as I.

I have yet to try the one with butter cream, I reeled from paying that much for a bibingka, hahaha, but I'll blogged about it, if and when I gather the courage to spend money unwisely *tongue out*.

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