Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Honeyed Biscochio

Biscotti (coffee bread) isn't the only preferred partner of coffee, whether it be brewed or 3-in-1, we Pinoy have our own perfect coffee combination and it sounds like biscotti too, hurhur... I am talking about Biscocho / Biskotso.  As far as I know biscocho can be found in every nook and corner bakery in the whole Philippine archipelago, but they do differ in taste, depending of course on the ingredients and how it was made.

Special Biscocho (photo below) is a product of Liza's Bakeshop, a popular bakery / pasalubong center in Bulacan, its not like the usual biscocho wherein the bread is toasted and then sprinkled with a liberal dose of sugar, Liza's version of biscocho is regular bread drenched in honey and then toasted to perfection (maybe not so, hehe).  A healthier, not-so-sweet and not-that-messy-when-your-eating (read: crumbs and sugar falling on the table / floor) option to the usual biscocho.

My weekly dose of biscocho comes from tita (name unknown), a buy and sell businesswoman from Bulacan who regularly visits the city hall to sell goodies from their province.  A pack of special biscocho costs 40 pesos but you can buy it in threes for a hundred.

Hot coffee and biscocho, a perfect fit.

Liza's Bakeshop
San Jose, San Miguel, Bulacan

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