Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pizza Here, Pizza There

Have I mentioned that a branch of Ever Supermarket opened near my workplace, well they did *toothy smile*, and one of those kiosk that opened along with them is El Bonito's, an up and coming food cart pizza franchise.

You can call it craving at first sight, it was really my first time seeing the brand and I really did felt the urge and the need to taste it.

They retail their pizza at 25 pesos per slice and/or 200 pesos per box, you can choose from three variants - plenty-o pepperoni, ham sweet ham hawaiian style and very bacon.  Photo below were of the latter two.

El Bonito's Ultimate Pizza Experience

top - ham sweet ham hawaiian style

below - very bacon

For its price, I would have to say that it was okay, but I prefer it better when I preheat and toasted it a little, it gives it the crunchiness that I think it needs, the dough was just too soft and soggy for my taste.  But don't rely on my observations, go and give it a try.

El Bonito's (Ever Supermarket)
M. Naval St., Brgy. Sipac-Almacen, Navotas City

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