Thursday, December 26, 2013

KFC Christmas Bucket Meal

I have been very vocal with my love and uncommon bias to KFC, but now more than the yummy food offerings and their slurp-worthy signature gravy that I had grown up to, the fast food chain is making an effort to help the victims of Yolanda by donating 5 pesos with every purchase of an 8-piece Christmas Bucket Meal, I say go KFC! What more can you ask for, you'll get to feast on their original and/or hot and crispy chicken, 4 regular fixins, steamed rice and drinks plus an 8" moist chocolate cake, and you'll be able to help to feed the hungry survivors of super typhoon Yolanda, unless of course, I can persuade them to drop their prices a bit lower *tongue out*.

8-pc Christmas Bucket Meal, from left to right:  KFC signature gravy, regular fixins - macaroni salad, coleslaw, mashed potato, bucket of chicken and 4 orders of rice, 4 regular Coke, Christmas cake

regular and hot & crispy

We have the privilege to celebrate and enjoy the holidays but in our own little way, may we learn to share the blessings that we have to those who need it most.

I'm not in any way related to KFC nor am I paid to write this post, I'm just a big fan, but if they'll tap me (someday) to do so, I'll welcome them with open arms *lol*.

KFC - Malabon
Rizal Ave., Tanong, Malabon City
Delivery:  887-8888

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