Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Year, New Beginnings

Ahoy mate! (choz! :p)

Just wanna give you guys a heads up, Pud Blag ni Ako is undergoing a major renovation (napansin nyo naman siguro, hehe), since this blog started in 2011 you have seen the same colorful and funky-in-its-own way lay-out and design (na customized lang from blogger, hahaha) but as I've begin to dedicate a little more time into blogging again these past few months, I realized a change is but necessary, something more mature would be nice as I am aging fast, I don't even know how to catch up *grins*.  And as I don't have any idea how to make my own, I even forgot how to insert codes in HTML *sad face*, so the clueless me have no choice but to pick one of blogger's customized designs and lay-out yet again, but I'm fine with it though,I'm actually loving the dark and broody look of Pud Blag ni Ako at the moment.

I started tweaking and making changes a few weeks ago, if you had passed by and wasted time reading a few of my posts, I know you sort of see the changes in my writing, hmm, how do I explain it, I sort of learned to share a few more details on what I'm blogging about, I sort of cared more.  Okay, okay, I think I'm falling in love with blogging all over again.

I may have settled with a design and lay-out but as my choice was a lot different from my previous one, I'm still currently obsessing on manually (as in one entry by another, one photo to the next) putting jump break on each and every entries and re-sizing all the photos that had ever been posted in this blog .  It may take a while as I am suffering from a swollen face due to tooth infection, and holiday vacation is supposed to be dedicated to family moments and bonding, and because laziness runs deeply in my blood *grins*.  But I'm getting there, you'll see the results in the coming days, or weeks, or months, I don't know, but I'm sure you'll see the outcome someday *lol*.

Until then, Happy Holidays peeps!

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