Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chewy Brownies

Pines' Brownies and Delicacies claim the distinction of being the maker of original chewy brownies (refer to the box below, hehe), I searched the net and found out that the brand started in 1999 at the helm of Ms. Bernardita Serrano.  Now, the question is, does chewy brownies only began to exist in 1999?  If so, then maybe they really are the pioneers.  But does it really matter, personally, as long as I'm loving their products, to hell with who started / followed it, hurhur!

Photo below is a 20-pc box of Brownies priced at 160 pesos, price may be lower than stated when you buy it straight at their main or satellite stores, I get my regular supply from someone in the office, she's making money out of us, boo *grins*!

Pines' is part of a provincial branding program known as 'Vida Pampanga, Sharing the Best', it aims to promote various establishments located in the province locally and internationally by providing them a provincial seal of quality and excellence (refer to the photo above, lower left side).

If the provincial seal is any indication of its goodness and yummy-ness, then I really applaud the taste of the seal-giver (is there such a term?).  Good job!

Seriously though, this *pointing at the photo above* is one of those food finds you shouldn't miss.  With its taste and price, it's definitely a winner!

Other Pines' Brownies and Delicacies products:

Pines' Brownies and Delicacies
Siran, Guagua, Pampanga
(045)963-7650 / 0918-9236113

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