Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Table on Christmas Eve

It has been a tradition (can a 10-year habit be called tradition?) in our family to celebrate Christmas eve humbly, it has been that way ever since my son came into our lives.  He was born a day before Christmas so his celebration would sometimes coincide with our Noche Buena or as we already had our fill on the afternoon of his birthday, we'll only prepare a few light dishes to share on the eve of Christmas.

Pancit Molo
Our table was graced with Pancit Molo, a well-known Ilongo dish, Sotanghon, a staple on our table during Christmas, Purefoods Jumbo Hotdogs, Frabelle's Pear Ham, Pines' Butterscotch and Revel Bars, Brownies (a gift from a parent from my brother's school, he's a teacher), and the usual Suman, Halayang Ube, Leche Flan.

The dish everyone looks for when they come to visit on Christmas day, I remember eating Sotanghon every Christmas day since I was in elementary, a tradition passed by my grandmother to my mom.  Yun tipong kapag walang sotanghon na handa, di kumpleto ang Pasko, kahit na hindi na ko mahilig kumain nito, hehe.

the ever-present Hotdog
Nothing can beat jumbo and king-sized hotdog as a finger food during Christmas when you can eat and gorge yourself with food without anyone judging you, hurhur!  And this is E's most, most favorite food of all time.

pear-shaped ham

brownies (middle), butterscotch (smooth brown ones) and revel bars (rough brown ones)

suman, halayang ube, leche flan
What's a celebration without desserts and sweets, right?

our Christmas spread
So, till next Christmas? *grins*

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