Wednesday, January 8, 2014

E's 10th Birthday Celeb

The final piece of the puzzle, the final part of E's birthday series - the actual celebration.  I've mentioned in a previous post that I was sick when my son celebrated his 10th, so I wasn't able to rally everyone in our household and made them do what they had to do or what I want them to do (yes, I am an accomplished bully *lol*), so take-outs and people who care became our saving grace.

wacky shot, my fave in the loot
blowing his candle, just made his third and final wish
We had take-outs from KFC - their Christmas Bucket Meal, and from Pizza Hut - their Pair Deal promo.  My brother made his own version of Spaghetti filled with lots and lots of bite-sized hotdogs, my sister-in-law cooked pancit bihon and send some our way together with a box of pandan-flavored puto (rice cake) while the husband made garlic rice, according to him Kentucky Fried Chicken taste better with garlic rice, son doesn't agree though so he ate most of what me cooked, hahaha.

Atop the lazy susan, clockwise from left to right: KFC bucket - original and hot & crispy, garlic rice, Tous les Jours santa bear cake, moist chocolate cake of KFC, Nestle Temptation ice cream

On the side, counter-clockwise from left to right:  pandan-flavored puto (rice cake), KFC fixins (macaroni salad, coleslaw, mashed potato) and gravy, pansit bihon, spaghetto, Bacon Cheeseburger pizza, Hawaiian pizza
B's spaghetti

Dete's pansit bihon

Pandan-flavored puto

KFC original and hot & crispy

Hawaiian Pizza

Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

Cookies and Cream ice cream
It was more than a celebration of life, it was a celebration of over-flowing love from people around us. Thanks guys!

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