Tuesday, January 7, 2014

E's 10th - 2nd Birthday Cake

The morning of E's 10th birthday, right after I made him cry, I may or may not have told him that he smells, hahaha.   

I was bedridden (tooth and sinus problems) prior to my son's 10th birthday but as I was a girl scout in my past life, I was prepared *grins*.  Days before his birthday I already sent my brother a link of what cake I want him to buy (as his birthday gift for E, of course), so the midnight of 23rd he came home with a box of the cutest cake ever, it would have been better without the Santa hat but bro said it's the only available bear cake at that time.  

the puffy-eyed birthday celebrant
Tous les Jours have the most extensive collection of the cutest and funkiest cakes, as well as a line of bread products you won't find anywhere else.  And every cake you'll buy will come with an easy-to-carry and colorful box along with a paper package with birthday candles and plastic cake knife inside.

Be prepare to shed a bit more than what you'll pay for the usual (rival brands) premium cakes though as theirs starts at 500 pesos.

It was worth it though, my son loved his birthday cake, so much that he didn't want to cut and deform it.  He didn't win his cause though as we adults are falling in line to have our slice.

Review and more details to follow, for the meantime just imagine how it taste *grins*.

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