Monday, January 6, 2014

E's 10th - 1st Birthday Cake

This is a bit late, a bit meaning, a week or two, and for the ever-late me, that's quite an improvement *grins*.  

My son celebrated his 10th natal day last December 24, yes, he was born a day before Christmas, but as his birthdays always fall on Christmas vacation days, it has been a kind of tradition to let him blow his first birthday candle and share his first birthday cake (for the year) with his classmates.  

We were able to buy him a simple round cake with his name on it in the nearby by notoriously-famous cake center at Malabon, but he failed to blow his candle and eat his cake as he had forgotten that a box of sweet delight is waiting at the back of his classroom, he was too engrossed in trying to win and hording all the prices in the party games his adviser prepared, or so we were told by the birthday boy. 

We have the birthday cake and the birthday candle, the birthday boy is present so what to do we do? We made him blow his first birthday candle and make his first birthday wish (for the year) at home, a few hours after his Christmas party ended.  Sayang naman, kung basta na lang namin kakainin, hehe.
round and round, hehe
Photo below was one of those ready-made cakes available at Betsy's Cake Center, a 14" round marble chiffon iced with buttercream priced at (around) 400 pesos.  It's a little stiff compared to prices of mainstream cake brands but taste-wise you can't go wrong with Betsy's (pronounced as Bet-sis, but more commonly known as Bet-chis), their bread and icing taste different and better than those of rival cake shop.  

marble chiffon cake and a glimpse of its box
It's a brand we've grown up eating, maybe that's why we tend to compare and we tend to crave for it more often, even though we have more options with other brands.  Or maybe, it just really taste better!
E's birthday cake

fluffy marble chiffon

a slice of cake - a slice of heaven

Betsy's Cake Center
10 Rizal Ave., Malabon City
281-1127 / 281-1131

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