Thursday, January 2, 2014

Macaroon - Building Schools

I think my title is quite fitting, a macaroon-building school, not literally though, you don't expect these macaroons to suddenly grow arms, legs and body and begin putting bricks and shoveling cement, because that would be scary *grins*.

I've watched Apl d. Ap's TV commercial a couple of times and I was intrigued, I searched around the web and discovered that he is an active sponsor and endorser of good public schooling / education.  Good job man!

So, what do a commoner like me can do to help, simple, buy as many macaroons as I can, for 50 pesos a pack, that would be a breeze.

Red Ribbon's version of macaroons taste a bit creamier than that of its rival brand, it was okay but I prefer my macaroon to have a bit more coconut shavings, I'm old school like that.  But to help build schools, I'll gladly suffer the ecstasy of eating Red Ribbon's macaroons. 

Red Ribbon
G/F Malabon City Square
C4 Road cor. Dagat-dagatan Ave., Malabon City

Delivery: 8-7777

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