Monday, January 27, 2014

Our First at Tea Sparkle

I haven't blog for a week, though I already professed my blog and I's rekindled love affair, blame me not, I got sick yet again *sad face*, but, I wouldn't dwell on that, you didn't drop by to read sob, sickly stories right *smiles*?  On to the main story...

Prof and I found another milk tea shop where we could hang out and make chismis for hours, it's a minute place along M. Naval St. and almost directly in front of our high school alma mater, San Jose Academy. The opportunity to appreciate the old and beautiful San Jose Church (the oldest church in Navotas) while reminiscing our high school heydays are just a couple of perks of having tea at the said place.  

Aside from milk and fruit teas, they also offer hot and cold coffee drinks, appetizers, sandwiches, pasta and a few rice dishes, which I planned on trying the next we visit, I just need to make sure that none of us haven't had dinner yet.

Oreo Milk Tea & Strawberry Milk Tea with black pearls and Nachos
The shop is a bit cramp as they maximize the little space that they have with at least four tables and almost a dozen chairs, settees and couches, which is understandable as they are running a business and though I would have prefer not to hear the couple beside us arguing, I just use the power of selective hearing and hopefully they practice the same courtesy towards us.

Strawberry Milk Tea w/ black pearls
Oreo Milk Tea w/ black pearls
We had tall orders of Oreo Milk Tea (mine) and Strawberry Milk Tea (prof) with Nachos and Chicken Fingers, we can live without the latter two but as we plan on staying long, we decided to let them earn a little bit more from us *grins*.

Nachos w/ cheese dip
Chicken fingers (w/ ketchup)
Their milk tea was okay, I still prefer Infinitea's Oreo Milk Tea and prof said the same thing about hers, but they did asked us what level of sugar we wanted and for that alone, I'll give them an additional star.  The finger foods were just okay, but I found (still do) the colorful nachos cute and as I'm easy to please, I'll have another round sometime.

Their color scheme screams of Cong. Toby, San Jose Academy and FEU *lol*, which I just realized is all associated with Bilog, hahaha.  I should tell him to visit, he'll get goosebumps *grins*.

A good place to while away time while enjoying the company of good friends and sipping a variety of milk tea, especially at night, when all the students (young and old) are home doing their assignments *grins*.

Tea Sparkle
M. Naval St., San Jose, Navotas City

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