Thursday, February 6, 2014

Goldhase Lapinor (Gold Bunny)

Round No. 4!  

To selective few, this may come as a weird and not-so-in-season with Hearts Day chocolate gift but to others, it'll be one of the cutest chocolate gift ever.  Also, to the me, who is using stock file photos, choices are limited, hurhur!

Lindt is a world renowned Swiss chocolate brand which is base in Zurich but its products are readily available worldwide, here in the Philippines, you'll mostly find their brand in high-end supermarkets and groceries, imported food shops and in mall chocolate stations / kiosks / corner.

Photo above is one of the pasalubong we got from Mommy Nene, husband's aunt, in her recent voyage home, she's a resident and citizen of Switzerland but she makes it a point to visit her hometown (Malabon City) at least once a year.

Gold Bunny is one of the seasonal confectioneries made by Lindt, described as a hollow milk chocolate rabbit in a variety of sizes available every Easter since 1952.  A sure-fire hit to kids and kids-at-heart, I know I love it!

Its taste?  As it bears the Lindt name, you can expect the superior chocolate that Lindt had carry and represents since time immemorial.

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