Monday, February 3, 2014

M & S Jaffa Cakes

Even before the year change anew, I had already decided that I am going to do a series of chocolates / chocolate-related blog entries for the whole month of February as my way of celebrating Heart's Day here in Pud Blag ni Ako.  I even prepared a list of chocolates that I'll feature and when I'll do it but life doesn't always happen as we planned it to be, I suffered from tooth infection for two weeks (started a few days before Christmas, what a bummer) and then a couple of weeks later Urinary Tract Infection came and conquered my body, I'm still in the process of healing, and, saddest of the saddest news, chocolates' one of the food I shouldn't touch until I'm totally cleared of UTI *crying buckets of tears*.

I still plan on doing my series though, I just need to be a bit resourceful and you just need to bear with me *grins*.

Jaffa Cakes from Marks & Spencer is described (as you can see from the photo above) as golden sponge topped with tangy orange and half coated in dark chocolate.  A box cost a little more than 300 pesos and is available in most M&S shops / boutiques around the metro.

I say it is an ideal gift for loved ones as Marks and Spencer pastries is known to fit even vegetarian diet, hence, I conclude that it must be healthy, hurhur!  The M&S logo-ed paper bag will come in handy as you don't need to shed extra moolah for wrappers and such, and you'll even have the chance to be dubbed as an expensive giver *smirk*.

Taste-wise, not my cup of tea, er, not my box of pastries, too tangy for my palette.  I had better luck with their other offerings, hur!  You'll never know though, the one you love might just like something a bit sour this Valentine season.

Marks and Spencer
Level 3, Trinoma
Quezon City

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