Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Maestro Chocolates

Round No. 2!  

Times like this, I can't help but thank the good Lord for making me a procrastinator, as you can see I am reaping the fruits of my procrastination *lol*, even though my initial plan of gorging myself with chocolates and live to blog about it failed, I still have a huge backlog to help me through my Valentine series.  I love myself sometimes *lol*.

Elvan Maestro Chocolates in Caramel, Vanilla and Hazelnut
Maestro is a product of Elvan, an Istanbul-based chocolate company, I don't know much about it as Google failed to deliver needed details and information, yeah I'm blaming them *lol*.  I asked my brother for the price tag but he kept mum, so there's non of that too, but as it came from a cheapskate such as he, I'm sure it's not that expensive (I'm blaming my bro for the lack of price info).  Irritated with my post yet?  Kasi naman, you have to give me a chance to redeem myself before you decided to hack me into pieces, so here goes nothing.

Maestro Caramel is Compound Chocolates with Caramel Cream, the Vanilla variant is compound chocolates with vanilla cream and the Hazelnut variant is compound chocolate with hazelnut cream.  It's about 85% compound chocolate and 15% cream filling.  Verdict?

If the person you'll give chocolates to appreciate the thought better than the actual gift, I mean, if s/he is not a chocolate connoisseur or pretending to be one, go right ahead and pick a bar or three of Maestro up, if you're sort of short on the budget and you just want to pass Valentine's Day with your relationship still intact, a bar of Maestro will suffice, just add a few warm hugs and intimate kisses.  But if you have a choosy wife, girlfriend, lover, you better stay away, I suggest you stick with the regulars - Toblerone, Hershey's, Ferrero, etc.

Well, it's just me, what's bland for my taste may become a hit with yours, so if you have some money to spend, do give it a try, if it fails your expectations, charge it to experience *grins*.

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