Thursday, February 27, 2014

Toblerone Crunchy Almonds

Round No. 19!

Eto ang pinaka-aasam kong chocolate simula ng makita ko sya sa chocolate aisle ng isang grocery store.  Alam nyo naman na kakagaling ko lang from UTI, and imagine the horror of not getting any and the torture of waiting for that moment when I can have my hands and mouth on it (if green-minded ang babasa nito, iisipin iba ang sinasabi ko, hahaha) kaya naman nang sabihin ng doktor na I'm cleared na from pesky bacterias, woohoo, takbo agad ang lola nyo sa pinakamalapit na grocery kung saan available ang Toblerone Crunchy Almonds, actually, hindi ko nga alam na crunchy almonds ito eh, basta ang alam ko Toblerone blue at gustong-gusto ko sya matikman, as in kulang na lang mapanaginipan ko sya *lol*.

My husband's aunt was married to a Swiss and she's still in residence at the Alps (Switzerland), she had two children, one boy and one girl and last they visited they told us that Toblerone is pronounced as Tob-le-ro-ne and not Tob-le-ron.  Pa-sosyal pa kasi tayo magsalita, un naman pala ganun lang ka-simple un, galing noh, hahaha.

As expected from Toblerone, it was absolutely yummy!  Imagine the regular ones (brown box) with a little bit more crunch, I think that's what's the almonds are for, well aside from the extra flavor *grins*.

A regular-sized box cost 104 pesos, I think price varies depending on the store, I spotted one at Puregold with a Php101 price tag, the least expensive of all I've seen so far.

So, go and have a break, have a Toblerone... ay mali, iba pala un *tongue out*.

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