Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Swiss Classic Extra Fine White

Round No. 18!

I blogged about another Frey product a while back, the Classic Branche, so if you wanna learn a little something about the brand, just go and click the link coz I won't type all that stuff again, I'm not even up to typing this post eh *grins*.

i love this shot but i know it will feel a little awkward by itself as it doesn't have the green background that others had, so i decided to give it a partner *pointing below*

Extra Fine White (photo above) comes from the Swiss Premium collection and lined in the Swiss Classic (Frey's Chocolat Classic), other products include Extra Fine Milk, Extra Fine Dark, Whole Hazelnuts and Raisin and Nuts.

This bar I got from our friendly neighborhood drug store / convenience store at around 88 pesos.  I'm supposed to grab a dark one, you know, for its antioxidants properties, but what can I do, I'm a sucker for milky-white chocolates.

If I were the younger me, I would have loved the uber sweetness of this choc bar but as I'm older, and hopefully wiser, teehee, my taste could have morphed on to duller-tasting stuff.  Not that I'm saying it wasn't worth the money, it was, I'm just a change woman *wink*.

With that said, it won't hinder me from buying yet another bar sometime, a few blocks of white chocolates from time to time is just what I need to relive my younger carefree days, choc-wise *grins*.

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