Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Classic Branche

Round No. 7!

Another luxe Swiss chocolate product, another pasalubong from Switzerland, another round of gastronomic applause and delight for us.

Frey's Classic Branche is mainly marketed for kids, as you can deduce from the box, but its taste and texture and its uncommon (big word *ala-Laida in It Takes a Man and a Woman*, hahaha) ability to just melt in your mouth and make you experience ecstasy in a bite is, absolutely, not just for kids.  I won't take that, I can't allow that, imagine what we'll miss.

Frey's began in Aarau, Switzerland in 1887 and currently hailed as the country's no. 1, well, their website tells me so *grins*.  Don't go arguing with me, I won't depend Frey's, I don't even get to enjoy it as much as I like, I might though, if they ever decided to send me boxes of complimentary (free, yey!) chocolates *grins*.

I don't think it's available in the local market but I've searched online and saw a few online shops who carries it in their line, just be sure to check the price and sched of delivery, if and when you decide to order.

By the way, Thank you ulit ng marami sa pagpapatikim sa amin nito Mommy Nene!

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