Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Milk Chocolate Rounds

Round No. 8!

Another sweet treat from Marks and Spencer inaptly named Milk Chocolate Rounds, it would have been better called as Milk Chocolate Flowers *lol*, it is described as shortcake biscuits fully coated in thick milk chocolate.  A pack (8 round / flower pieces) would cost you 325 pesos, yes I know, it's pretty expensive, but... as it comes from the shelves of M&S you shouldn't expect anything less *sneers like a true-blooded b!tch, er, like a woman bathe in richness*.

As you can read from the packaging, it is tagged as Extremely Chocolatey Milk Chocolate Rounds and it has More Chocolate Than Biscuit, both of which I can attest to.  The chocolate is love, as is usual with M&S's milk chocolates, I can't say much about the biscuit as it was overly coated with generous amount of chocolate goodness, I won't even know it's there if it wasn't mentioned in the label.

As I've mentioned time and again, Marks and Spencer products are fit for the health conscious so you don't have to be bothered with that kind of restrictions, though as we're talking about chocolates, you don't really think it won't make a difference in one's diet, right *grins*?

If the budget fits or if you can afford to splurge a little, do give it a try, it's the season of love afterall.

Marks and Spencer
Level 2, The Block
SM City North EDSA

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  1. more chocolate than biscuit? YUMMM! :)
    so sorry the link was already close when you dropped by. hanggang monday night lang kasi sya. :)

    Happy Hearts Day! :)


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