Thursday, February 13, 2014

Merlion Chocs with Almond Nuts

Round No. 9!  

Another material from my stock file and another pasalubong, this time it came from a long time family friend, he was my brother's high school classmate who became a friend  and another son / brother to my family and I.  He used to be a sweet little big kid, now he's a sweet, rich, successful IT professional, and though I haven't said it, I never bothered to inflate his ego, not even once *grins* 'I am so proud of you!'

He went sight-seeing in Singapore with his girlfriend and because it was almost Christmas season when he went, he was forced to bring home something from Singapore, hold onto it for a while and then give it as Christmas gift later on *lol*.  Joke lang John Carlo, alam mo naman mahal ka namin kahit na di mo na kami madalas pasyalan, alam namin busy ka at di ka na masyado ma-reach, hahaha.

Milk chocolates filled with whole almonds and shaped like a Merlion, a classic token of a Singapore trip and my kind of pasalubong *grins*.

It was, actually, good, something you can't say about other souvenir-ish chocolates, of course, it won't compare to those branded chocolates in the market but as it was a present and looks really cute, I only have good things to say, hurhur!

Not available locally (obviously), but if you have a friend or acquaintance who's in Singapore, maybe you can ask them for a favor, pakitanong na din sa kanila kung magkano di ko rin alam eh, hehe.

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