Sunday, February 16, 2014

Thorntons Fudge Milk Chocolate

Round No. 10!  Imagine that, I reached double digits and my chocolate series is still on *grins*.

When Lloydie went to London for a month (to visit her sister and her family), I got her to promise to bring me a Gap and an I <3 UK shirt which she both fulfilled, though she got me a different tourist-y shirt, a printed London Eye... wait, does that mean she still owes me an I love UK shirt *tongue out*?

But wait there's more *channeling Bosing Vic*, she also brought home some honest-to-goodness yummy chocolates - Thorntons, said to be  seen by the great British public as the ultimate chocolate treat on the UK high street.
Thorntons Milk Chocolate w/ Fudge
Thorntons opened its first shop more than a hundred years ago, 1911, under the skillful hands of Joseph William Thornton.  From a limited number of chocolate offerings, they now have a couple dozens of choices and cater to a bigger and wider market, they even have an online shop to give us none-Europe-based peeps the chance to indulge in their heavenly chocolates.

unwrap me, eat me, love me
As per the packaging, Fudge is aromatic milk chocolate with soft fudge pieces, a deeply satisfying combination that is said to be the result of years of expertise of the brand's chocolate masters.  Also, the chocolates are made in France but the cacao beans came from Papua New Guinea, the bar per se is made and packed in the UK.
Thorntons Fudge (pardon the thumb mark, hehe)
As I've said, other chocolate variants are available, which you can see and openly ogle at their website, another variant which I had the pleasure of meeting is their Toffee (photo below), cocoa beans of which came from Mexico.
Fudge and Toffee w/ packs of Snickers 



  1. ooooh, LUCKY you! i still haven't tasted a Thornstons chocolate so if you can throw some of your leftovers here .... lol. :D

    thanks much for sharing and linking your choco post over at Food Friday, sis
    ps. yes, I think she still owes you a shirt. but don't tell her i told you, ok? ;P

  2. i dont owe u another shirt. My ex told me not to get the i ♡London since its very common.dont u like the shirt? And i gave u you two bars? Lol

  3. nope, u gave me one bar kaya nga na-meet ko lang si toffee, di ko natikman :p sige na nga si toffee na lang utang mo sa akin :)

    of course, i love the shirt, medyo malaki lang kaya di ko pa nasusuot, magpapataba muna ko lalo, hahaha...

  4. Hahaha sorry naman ha.walang additional choc bars dahil di pa ko babalik dun.hehe


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