Monday, February 17, 2014

(Travelling) Toblerone

Round No. 11!

Are you some kinda curious about the title?  Well, look at the photo below and you'll know why *grins*.

Toblerone is the legendary triangular Swiss chocolate with honey and almond nougat, featured in this post is the milk chocolate variant.  As far as I know (seen), there are four kinds of Toblerone bars - milk chocolate (gold box), dark chocolate (black box), white chocolate (white box) and the fruits and nuts (blue or purple box).

Another loot from Mommy Nene, this one was specifically given to yours truly as she knows how much I adore Toblerone and chocolates in general, hence, the biggest chocolate bar went to me.  Winner!

I wish I had a photo of how big each triangle is, I know I took one of E enjoying a few bars but I can't find it at the moment, but I have a photo of us holding it so you can all just use your imagination and ponder on how big each triangle is.  Basta eto sure, no photo needed as proof, sobrang sarap ng Toblerone!

The brand is available in most groceries, supermarkets, mall chocolate bars, corner stores and the likes, prices vary depending on their size but (I think) it's easy on the budget.

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  1. where i can buy this big chocolate ? pls i need to know for my surprise gift :) thanks


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