Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Swiss Extra Fine Milk Chocolate

Round No. 12!

One of Marks and Spencer's finest, personally speaking of course *smiles*.

Described as extra fine Swiss milk chocolate with a touch of ground hazelnuts (as read in the packaging), what could I say, it really is extra fine *grins* and I was like in love with it the whole time we're gobbling it down.  It turned lukewarm after but I know that the feelings' still there which will be (instantly) rekindled the moment we meet again *lol*.

I don't have that much to say as I've already said everything I could about the brand in my last few / several posts, hurhur!

Tell you a secret though, what I really like about M&S chocolates is that it doesn't have any artificial flavoring and coloring, it kind of take some of the guilt in eating a whole bar in one seating, hurhur!

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