Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Les Grandes 34% Noisettes

Round No. 13! My favorite number *wink*.

Lindt Les Grandes 34% Noisettes is a creamy milk chocolate bar infused with lots of whole hazelnuts, it was a treat from Switzerland, as always, courtesy of husband's ever dearest aunt, ehem more chocolates please ehem *lol*.

I did some web searching and I found out that what Lindt is to the Swiss, Cadbury is to the Brits!  Well, we Pinoys have Choc Nuts and Cloud 9, hurhur!

We finished the whole bar in approximately 5 minutes (maybe less), so that must say a big lot about how good it actually is, we might be chocolate maniacs but we're the picky kind *grins*.

I know I don't give much info so I decided to be good and linked one that do *smiles*.

Currently obsessing with this paper bag, imagine a chocolate bar as big and as wide as this bag, I know I would love that, wouldn't you?  Paper bag courtesy of my cuzzo, drool-worthy goodies inside not so much *lol*.

A bag full of Lindt chocolates anyone?

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