Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cadburry Fruit and Nut

Round No. 14!  A gift from Kuya Josel, thank you po!

Because of what I've learned yesterday about Lindt and Cadbury and Swiss and Brit peeps, I decided to have this *pretending to hold the chocs below and doing the classic game show hostess way of showing off their prizes*.  No comparison will be done, mind you, as I adore both brands and I wouldn't want either one to have a grudge on me *lol*.

If you dare ask a kid born in the middle to upper class families, what the color purple bring into mind, I am sure you'll get several Cadbury answers, Barney will top the list, of course *grins*.

Cadbury began in 1824 with John Cadburry opening a grocer's shop that sold cocoa and drinking chocolate in Birmingham, England.  From him manually making / mixing his chocolate concoctions using a mortar and pestle some 200 years ago, Cadbury is now a humongous company that cater to a worldwide chocolate-loving market.

It was said that eating a half pound bar of Cadbury (DairyMilk) chocolate equals to a glass and a half of milk.  The Cadbury Dairy Milk was launched in 1905 and had captured the hearts of millions since then, it is tagged as a megabrand because of its worldwide success.

Photo above is the Fruit and Nut variety, described as milk chocolate with raisins and almonds, other varieties exist and can be found almost everywhere here in the metro.

A big bar (featured in this post) will cost you a little less that 150 pesos and believe me, it is one of the most worthy purchases you'll ever make in your life *grins*.

Now, I am craving for some... I'm heading home folks!

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