Friday, February 21, 2014

Delicia Chocolate Truffles

Round No. 15!

I searched far and wide but I found none, as in nothing, nada, no relevant information whatsoever about these luscious babies, but pout not, as the lack of details would not hinder the joy, the pleasure that you'll experience in having Delicia's Chocolate Truffles.

Delicia is a product of Italy, as stated in the label and from what I've gathered from online-selling sites, a pack consist of two 450 ml. jars and priced at (more or less) $40.

The one our family devoured, magically appeared on our table one Saturday after lunch, Nanay said it was from Tatay, and after reading the label, I just presumed that my father must have had a friend who came / visited from Italy or some place near, and though I don't know him/her, I thank him/her from the bottom of my chocolate-loving heart.

A jar has three (3) kinds of chocolate truffles that comes in color-coded wrappers - Gold for Hazelnut, Silver for Milk and Red for Dark.

Red - Dark chocolate truffles with cocoa cream filling and caramelized cocoa nibs.

Silver - Milk chocolate truffles with hazelnut cream filling and crispy cereals.

Gold - Milk chocolate truffles with milk cream filling and crispy cereals.

It was love at first bite, actually it was a nibble, I do like them all but Hazelnut captured my heart like no other, I fell in love (with a chocolate) all over again.

dark chocolate truffles 
Look at the gooey, sticky, melt-in-your mouth goodness of the hazelnut chocolate truffle, who wouldn't fall in love *staring googly-eyed at that photo*.

hazelnut chocolate truffles


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  1. lucky lucky you! :)
    pag nagsawa ka na bato mo nalang dito! lol

    thanks so much for sharing your sweet post over at Food Friday, sis
    enjoy the rest of the week!


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