Monday, February 24, 2014

Ferrero Rocher

Round No. 16!  A few more posts and I'm done *giddy with relief*.

I think everyone (earthlings and aliens alike *wink*) is familiar with Ferrero Rocher, the brand started on 1942 at Alba, Piedmont, Italy under the crafty hands of Pietro Ferrero.

The Rocher variety (photo below) came out in 1982 and was first launched in Europe.  The other Ferrero variants - Rondnoir (dark) and Prestige (Garden Coconut) was developed and marketed in the latter part of the decade.

Prevailing dream of the moment - to have a taste of Rondnoir and Prestige, pasasaan ba't mapapasakamay ko din ang mga iyan, kalma lang at dasal, hahaha...

Ferrero Rocher is described as a whole hazelnut with smooth chocolaty cream inside a wafer shell, covered in milk chocolate and hazelnut pieces.

I think a box of 5 cost a little more than a hundred pesos, it is available in leading supermarkets, groceries, corner stores, and the likes, so to be sure, just go and give those places a visit and if you have the money to spare why not have a few pieces to indulge.  I know I would!

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