Monday, February 10, 2014

Swiss Chocolate Dark Mountain Bar

Round No. 6!

Another one from Marks and Spencer, not that I can afford to hoard M&S products, I was just lucky to received lots from people who love me, yes, I am that lovable *grins*.

Swiss Chocolate Dark Mountain Bar is described as extra fine Swiss dark chocolate with honey and almond nougat priced around 200 pesos and is available in all Marks and Spencer stores / boutiques.

I have no idea what a mountain bar is, I know chocolate bars and candy bars but mountain bars a bit new to me *pouts*, my wild guess, mountain bars are hard chocolate bars patterned after a mountain's shape, like that of Toblerone.  Marks and Spencer's version is shaped a bit awkwardly though, or maybe I'm just used to the usual triangles of Toblerone *grins*.

This is one the products under their Swiss Chocolate line, there's milk chocolates, white chocolates, etc., which I have yet to try *cough, bigyan mo ko Ate Pat, cough*.

I'm not really a fan of dark chocolates but as I am aging faster than I hope to, I need to tone down on more diluted kinds of chocolates and contend with dark as it is healthier.  Though I'll never be a fanatic, I like the dark mountain bar's mild and smooth taste, and the non-bitter aftertaste it leaves on my mouth.

If all the Toblerone in the malls /groceries / supermarkets / online shops are gone, then go ahead and pick a dark mountain bar up, it's pricier but it'll come with a paper bag with an M&S logo on it, let's just hope that that alone impresses your girlfriend, hurhur!

Marks and Spencer
Level 2, The Block
SM City North EDSA

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