Saturday, February 8, 2014

Late Lunch at Dragon Chef

You already know how I am right? Like how I was / am always late at work, at life, and at posting on this blog.  How I love to procrastinate and do stuff that I can and supposed to do today at a later date.  You know, the me that you have learned to be patient with and love altogether.

Okay, now that we have settled that, I have a confession to make, this post was almost a year late, I was not supposed to tell but the last I visited Trinoma, Dragon Chef was gone, maybe I was mistaken, maybe it just transfer to another level or something, well I really hope it is the case because I wanna have a taste of their Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet with Lychee (photo below) again and a searched on the web shows that their one and only branch is the one at Trinoma *fingers crossed*.

Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet w/ Lychee
Dragon Chef is a joint venture of restaurateur Ricky Laudico and chef Florabel Co-Yatco that offers lots of delectable Chinese cuisines, add up the restaurants cozy and Once Upon A Time in China-ish ambiance and good serving staff and you'll get a dining experience to remember.

Truth be told, our group were initially attracted to the waitresses / receptionists wearing vibrant-colored (gold, purple) wigs loitering at the front of the restaurant asking / persuading people who passed them by to try what they had to offer, and so we did.

We were greeted by the lovely and warm facade of the place, it was modest in size but didn't feel / look cramped and we were there a bit later than lunch time so only a couple of tables were occupied.

set plate
their logo on the menu
I browsed their menu and found it super appetizing but I know I can't try them all at one seating so I just contend myself with the thought of coming back again and again until I've tried them all *grins*.  Lloydie, Papercrane and I decided on having Har Gao / Hacao as our appetizer and it was love, fresh, succulent shrimp in every bite. 

Har Gao / Hacao / Hakaw
It came with a set of condiments (dipping sauce) and a pair of chopsticks.

Dragon Chef chopsticks
For our main dish, we had Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet with Lychee (featured at the beginning of the post) which became an instant favorite, those who frequent this blog knows that I am no fish-eater and I stay away from fish-based or anything with fish dishes but as one of our companion's a pescetarian, I had to give way, and I am so glad I did because when I reluctantly tried the said dish due to non-stop urging, I fell in love and went for a second and third.

Lechon Macau and Roast Beef
If Lloydie got away with her fish, of course, I won't rest until I get a dosage of cholesterol so we ordered Lechon Macau and Roast Beef, it was delicious, especially the roast beef, but as I was already head over heels with the sweet and sour fish, I wasn't able to give much-deserved attention to the dish (yep, unfortunately, there were leftovers).

Yang Chao w/ Pork Barbecue
Pescetarians doesn't eat rice so the Yang Chao with Pork Barbecue that we ordered was split in half, between Papercrane and I, we were able to persuade Lloydie to try some but we counted the rice grains she spooned and it sort of amounted to none *lol*.  You won't find a trace of rice in my plate, as well as on Papercrane, and that means... aside from us being voracious eaters, it was that good!

Chamomile Tea w/ Vanilla
We opted for a pitcher of Chamomile Tea with Vanilla as our drink for the day.

The place will make you feel like you're transported somewhere in Shanghai  because of its classy interiors and furniture, pop-up paintings / art pieces on the ceiling, serving staff dressed up in colorful wigs and cute dresses, and food that screams authentic Chinese cuisine.

a glimpse of Dragon Chef - Trinoma
ceiling pop art

Lloydie and I  (Papercrane not included *tongue out*)
"Friends who eat good food together, stays together."  Yup, that's an all new and improved version of the old adage and this one fits us better.

Dragon Chef
Level 4, Trinoma 
Sto. Cristo, Q.C


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