Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Double Celebration

Itsy bitsy (you know, there's small and simple and others but what we do is sort of  smaller than small and simpler than simple so, itsy bitsy is a way better term, I think *grins*) birthday celebrations at the office, it's not really about good food but more of good company.

homemade spaghetti ni Ressy, puto w/cheese and Betsy's mocha cake
Ressy's __ birthday was celebrated last January 17 though her exact natal day was a day later, we don't work on weekends, most of the time, hehe.

PIO-Navotas, from left to right: Jayne, Maggie, Ressy, Josel, Elsa, Mickee, June, Guilbert, Manny

Kuya Manny celebrated his __ birthday with us a few days after his actual birthdate, January 31st, which fell on a Holiday, hence the long weekend, an every day worker's dream *grins*.

Little Rob's cupcakes (sorry, I can't remember their names, hehe)

Photo below was taken before the pandemonium began, if you're an FB friend you'll know what I mean, the best wacky shot ever, for the win *lol*!

PIO team, from back to front, left to right: Ervic, Jeff, June, Guilbert, Manny, Nestor, Josel; Elsa, Ressy, Maggie, Jayne

May the both of you have a blessed and fruitful year, aja!

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