Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Two Ways to Enjoy Tikoy

I know what you're thinking, Chinese New Year was sooo two months ago, but hey, it's better late than never, ayt? And for us tikoy-suckers, any day can be Tikoy day *grins*.  

Brown sugar flavor
I swear I still have the half of the last (just a week or two ago) tikoy round we bought, I love to have it as breakfast, snack and, yeah, even dinner *smiles*.

One of the most common way to enjoy your tikoy, sliced it in your preferred size and thickness, dip in beaten eggs and fry, vegetable oil a much preferred option in frying, you know, to not complicate the taste of your tikoy.  Other likes to dip or roll their fried, egg-coated tikoy in sugar but we kind of like it as is, plain and simple.

Another way of cooking tikoy, it still involve beaten eggs and frying but we add in some flour to the mix.  It sort of add a bit of crunchiness and it prevents the tikoy from getting burned, hehe.

How 'bout you, how do you like your tikoy?

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