Thursday, March 6, 2014

Frucht Barchen

Woogie's Frucht Barchen (frucht = fruit, barchen = little bears) is part of those chocolate loots included in my chocolate series last February, I know it came from Switzerland but as per my research, well, the bits that I found out at least, it was made in Czech Republic.  I tried searching for more info but as most, actually all, are written in German or some other language I am not familiar with, I wasn't able to decipher any *lol*.

This I know though, it was one of the best tasting gummy candies I have ever had, and believe me, I sampled a lot.  My fave was the cola flavor candies, you know the one shaped as soda bottles, I forgot the brand, basta it was so hard to come by, I finally realized patience is really a virtue (that I must possess) *lol*.

Till we meet again Frucht Barchen! I hope soon though *fingers crossed*.

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