Friday, March 7, 2014

Granny's 81st!

Granny past away 11 years ago but that doesn't stop us from remembering and celebrating her birthday.  We weren't able to have a Christmas Party last 2013 so Granny's party became a birthday celebration con family reunion of sorts.  It was Kuya Toti's (uncle by my mom's side) idea *pointing at the round cake below* of letting us know that we're having a family reunion, too *lol*.

Orange Chiffon Cake by Betsy's courtesy of Kuya Toti

It was a night of fun and merry-making and it feels sooooo good seeing my cousins and nieces and nephews and uncles and aunts again, most of us live in the same barangay, but we seldom see each other, life and stuff just always gets in the way *grins*.

Ube Roll by Goldilocks courtesy of Aissa Marie
Chicken with Sweet Peas
Spicy Chicken Feet
Chicken Liver & Gizzard with Green Peas and Quail Eggs
BBQ-marinated and Deep Fried Chicken Intestines

All chicken-related dishes was cooked by yours truly, aren't I amazing *grins*?

Lumpiang Shanghai courtesy of Kuya Toti
Pancit Malabon by Pancit Malabon Express courtesy of Sharra Marie
Bibo Hotdogs courtesy of Kuya Perry

With kids around, you can never go wrong with hotdogs kaya staple yan sa table ng pamilya namin tuwing may event *smiles*.

my nanay's famous Gelatin 
Also on the table was Tito Arnel's own version of Kare-kare but as he was late (together with his Kare-kare), as in nandoon na buong pamilya nya, sya wala pa *lol*, no solo / close up shot of Kare-kare was made, but you can spot it on the photo below.

our simple feast

I kept on telling and urging, then pleading everyone to stand beside or around or anywhere near the table so we can have a family photo op before we eat but, obviously, no one cared to listen and follow, hence I have no family (clan) photo to show off *sighs*.  Next time, di talaga ako papayag na kumain sila hanggang walang picture-taking na nagaganap, hahaha.


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  1. sarap! gusto ko lahat (except sa chicken feet kasi di ko pa nasubukan yan).
    tama, dapat picture-picture muna bago kumain!
    pati sa bahay, ganyan din pag may reunion. lol. kaya usually yung pictures ay mga tao na kumakain. :D

    thanks so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, sis
    enjoy the rest of the week!


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