Saturday, March 8, 2014

Post-Valentine Celebration

Remember my post entitled PIO's Lunar New Year Celebration, well, we decided to make it a monthly event, whether there's an occasion to celebrate or not, we're going to do a potluck (the PIO way) lunch once a month.  Reason?  Nothing in particular, except for the obvious (us wanting to gorge ourselves with food that we crave for), I think, unconsciously we're all trying to improve our camaraderie and strengthen the tie that binds us, even in the smallest possible way like sharing a meal and eating like we're really a one big happy family.

I crop and stretch, here's the outcome *pointing to the pic above*
On the month of love, February, we decided on having some Kare-Kare and Fresh Fruits for dessert; and like the previous month, it was made possible by the capable hands of Kuya Josel's mother-in-law. Salamat po, wag po kayo magsasawa, this month of ulit.

Meat and Bagoong

Fresh fruit salad created with love (also, blood and sweat) from Ressy, Elsa and I, actually, I just peeled the bananas *lol*.  An assortment of watermelon, riped mangoes, pineapples, papaya, melons, apples, bananas, grapes mixed with condensed milk and all-purpose cream.  A delightful way to end our meal *smiles*.

Fresh Fruit Salad
Happy family!  We're growing and getting bigger (in numbers *tongue out*), at least once a month we do *lol*.

The PIO - Navotas team and our adopted members

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