Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Keyk Serye: Ube Macapuno Roll (Goldilocks)

Keyk Serye No. 9!

As described in their website:  Ube Macapuno Roll is ube-flavored sponge cake filled with vanilla butter icing.  The whole cake is iced with ube butter icing.  The surface is decorated with rich macapuno strings topped with rossettes and violet chocolate toppers.  The whole cake is sprinkled with colored vermicelli. 

A whole roll is priced at approximately 350 pesos while the half roll is priced at almost 200 pesos.

If you were to choose between Goldilocks and Red Ribbon's Ube Macapuno Roll versions, what will you choose?

If it was me, I'll pick the latter, but it's just me *grins*.

Goldilocks Bakeshop
G/F, Malabon City Square

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